we are the 


Living an utopian dream of a digital hippie. Armed with a portable machine, an internet connection and a handful of digital tools, We make successful digital products

Our services

Web application Development

Native Android Development

Native IOS

Cross Platform Development

Progressive Webapps Development

Static Page Layout

Fixed design Layout

Responsive design Layout

Liquid or Fluid design Layout

How we do it?

Using agile methodologies, hands on expertise across all technology platforms and industry understanding.

We Listen to you.
We ideate a solution.
We design the Solution..
We make the Solution.

We ensure Solution works smooth with continuous iterations.

IndieMakers care about you and want You to succeed in whichever business you are, and whatever geography your customers belongs to , because we are You.

Why we do it?

Da Vinci- being the original hipster independent maker that he is,inspired Us.

We strive for a community which is open for all and friendly to every one.

 We envision to take over the internet back,one app at a time and the internet is about to be friendly and fun again for everyone.

Are you looking for someone to talk about your next project. We are here to listen.